What is a Stock?

What is a Stock?

I was chatting with my friend Cathy as we awaited the start of the Sarah Palin movie “Undefeated”.  (I found out while viewing that I’m in the movie!)  Anyway, we were talking about politics and business, and Cathy asked me, “What is a stock?”  Good question!

A stock is a little piece of ownership of a big company. Let’s use McDonald’s as an example.  McDonald’s is a public company, which means that its shares trade on the stock exchange.  McDonalds has 1,037,577 shares of stock outstanding. The stock is owned by families on Elm Street, investors on Wall Street, mutual funds and virtually any person or business that wants to buy its stock.

McDonald’s stock currently trades at $85.48 per share. The price changes all day long, every day that the stock exchange is open for business. The stock price goes up and down based on supply and demand.  If there are more buyers than sellers, the buyers drive the price up.  If there are more sellers than buyers, the sellers drive the price down.

Generally speaking, the demand for the stock is based on the prospects for McDonald’s.  If the company is making profit, growing, buying back shares of stock, introducing new products, or making other business deals which favor the company, investors are inclined to buy the stock with the idea that the stock price will grow as the company prospers.  If the company is losing money, closing retail outlets, racking up debt, or gets caught in a tainted food scandal, investors are likely to sell the stock (thus driving the price down).

Sometimes stocks go down a scary amount with a big stock market drop. It doesn’t matter if McDonald’s is the most profitable company in America: its stock price will fall with any large stock market correction.  This is called risk. If stocks went straight up, then investing would be easy and everybody would do it. But stocks bounce around, and sometimes they bounce a lot!

My recommendation for beginners would be to buy a small amount of stock in several large, famous, profitable companies. You’re going to have to start experiencing the price fluctuations firsthand before you’ll really know whether you have the stomach for this.

People buy stock through brokerage firms, via mutual funds, and sometimes directly through the corporation which issues the stock. There is usually no mandatory holding period.  Investors need basic information about stock before they proceed, and this information should include fees associated with buying, selling and holding the stock, and the tax consequences of profits, losses and dividends.

Please feel free to send me questions about any aspect of stock investing!

Crista Huff

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