Goodfellow LLC Stock Rating System


Goodfellow LLC Stock Rating System:


Strong Buy —  This stock meets all the investment criteria at Goodfellow LLC, which includes a variety of fundamental measures (i.e. earnings growth, PE, debt levels), and a bullish chart.

Buy — This stock meets most of the investment criteria at Goodfellow LLC.

Trading Buy — Investors can reasonably expect to make 6-10% or more in capital gains in the near term.

Accumulate — The fundamental criteria are attractive, but the chart indicates that the stock could bounce around a bit in the near-term.

Hold — This stock could continue to perform well, but may not do so in the near-term, most likely due to a recent price run-up.  Alternately, the chart might be bullish, while the stock is distinctly overvalued.

Use Stop Loss Orders — The stock is vulnerable on the downside.

Sell — Poor technical chart and/or poor fundamental measures.  Investors are far more likely to make money by selling this stock and putting their capital into a stock that’s going up, rather than holding on to this one and waiting interminably for the stock price to turn around.

Aggressive Growth — Earnings per share (EPS) are growing at a rapid pace.

Growth — Earnings per share (EPS) are growing at an attractive pace.

Growth & Income — Earnings per share (EPS) are growing at an attractive pace, and the stock pays a good-sized dividend.

Value — Generally, low-debt levels, increasing dividends, share repurchase plan, and/or low price-earnings ratio (PE).

Volatile — Based on past performance, fluctuating earnings expectation, and/or extended chart patterns, this stock can be expected to have random, roller-coaster price swings.  Investors should be experienced with volatility, and prepared to ride out price swings, or use stop-loss orders.

Speculative — This stock meets all the normal Goodfellow LLC investment criteria (unless otherwise noted within the article), but there is very little analyst coverage and/or news available. Therefore, the stock will probably move suddenly whenever unexpected news is revealed. Use stop-loss orders.

Public — This stock does not meet the Goodfellow LLC investment criteria, but we have commented on it based on public interest in the stock.

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