MSM News Bias: Today’s Anecdote

by Crista Huff


As I delivered my college-student daughter to her Black Friday retail job at the mall this morning, I got a call from the news desk at a famous financial media company, asking for stock market commentary.

The discussion went smoothly until I mentioned the preponderance of third quarter earnings beats among the companies that I recommend to my subscribers. That’s when the media representative made a comment along the lines of “those evil corporations that want lower income tax rates that steal from the government”. [MY wording, not hers.] What she was referring to is the proposed cut in federal income tax rates for both businesses and individuals.

She made the mistake of assuming that I’m on board with her political agenda. In reality, I am firmly loyal to the other team. First off, every dollar of income tax revenue acquired by the Federal Government is a dollar that was essentially stolen at gunpoint from individuals and businesses. If this media representative perceives corporate income as belonging to the Federal Government, then she lacks both logic skills and humanitarian compassion.

I schooled her in the dollars and cents of business profit and what it’s used for, including hiring new employees who are then able to support their families, vs. the concept of punishing corporations for earning money by taking larger and larger portions of that money from them. When the federal government takes money from corporations–especially more money than they previously took–companies are then required to cut back on expenses, which absolutely includes laying off workers.

I pointed out to the woman that I am pro-America, pro-family and pro-business, and that businesses employ most of her neighbors. I also pointed out that financial problems are the number one cause of broken families/divorces in America, and that when you punish corporations for their very existence by stealing more money from them, you force them to lay off workers whose subsequent lack of paychecks contributes to the phenomenon of financially-devastated and broken families across the land.

Most of you have casually heard about media bias, and many of you have laughed it off because you’re not plugged in enough to know whether it’s true, and that makes you uncomfortable. Once you reach the higher ranks within your areas of expertise, it becomes quite obvious that truth and news reporting rarely dine at the same table. People are shocked when I tell them that I have never personally owned a television, and that I don’t tune in to tv or radio news or city newspapers. They want to assume that I am therefore stupid and/or ill-informed, but obviously, I am neither. Nobody achieves extremely high-level financial and political feats while encumbered by the aforementioned intellectual deficiencies.

I mention media bias because throughout my conversation with the media representative today, she pushed and pushed her “tax rates should not be lowered because profits are evil and corporations should be punished” agenda. [Again, my wording, not hers.] Several times I reiterated that corporations employ Americans; that Americans are paid from the money that corporations earn, and that when corporations get to keep more of their earned income, they are in a position to hire more Americans, thus helping families. Finally, she gave up, sounding a bit deflated.

Ladies and gentleman, that woman was a news director at a famous financial media outlet, and she had a strong bias against the idea that earning income could be a normal and helpful goal for a company. (Please stop and read that sentence again.)

There are a few constant themes in my life. Three of them include truth, logic and caring for my fellow man. I’m disturbed by this morning’s “professional conversation”, and I did my best in refuting the woman’s antagonistic attitude toward the very companies that employ her and her loved ones.

If you’re looking for somebody who gets all glossy-eyed when dealing with mainstream media, in the hopes of getting her name in print, look elsewhere. I stand for the American people.


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Crista Huff is a stock market expert and an international trade advocate. She played a significant role in defeating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, which would have given away U.S. sovereignty. She is also Chief Analyst at Cabot Undervalued Stocks Advisor. Send questions and comments to




2 Responses to “MSM News Bias: Today’s Anecdote”

  1. Steve Gettel says:

    Dear Ms. Huff
    Great anecdote but a sad commentary on most of the media’s open hatred and scorn of capitalism. Its stunning but not surprising how the liberal perspective has permeated our society. We have a second generation emerging from our union controlled government schools all primed to hate profits, corporations and the people that create what made America so great.
    I am looking forward to your 2018 picks.Thank you for sharing your expertise with me.

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