The Obama Regime is Planning to Steal Your Retirement Accounts

(this article was originally posted on Nov. 16, 2012)

It has been mere weeks since President Obama was re-elected, and the country is moving so fast toward Socialist and Communist policies that my head is spinning.  Yes, I anticipated that the President and his minions would begin stealing our retirement accounts, but this soon?!

Here’s an article entitled, “Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System”.  Reading through the article, you will see that Obama’s pals want to take ALL of your retirement accounts, — those with your employers, be it corporate or government; and the ones you’re privately holding, such as IRAs — put them into one big pot, and share them with everybody else.

Now you already know they did this with Social Security.  There’s no money left in that “big pot”.  What makes any rational person believe that the government will safely guard our retirement money, and keep the money separated so that what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours?!

No sir.  They plan to share your money with people who didn’t plan and save; people who spent every last dime on trips to Mexico and flat screen tv’s and lattes.  “A representative of the liberal Pension Rights Center, Rebecca Davis, testified that the government needs to get involved because 401k plans and IRAs are unfair to poor people.”  If the people running the show believe that retirement accounts are unfair to poor people, that means they’re going to give those poor people money that you and I saved!

Take Action:  Call every government official you can think of, and start howling!  They all have websites with email contact forms and phone numbers and offices.  Visit them!  Phone them!  Email them!  Go to their public events!

Take Additional Action:  Post these stories on social media, and ask your friends to “share”.  We need to reach more  Americans who don’t already know the truth about what is happening to our country.

And finally….pray!  Ask the LORD to remove the scales from the eyes of all the people who voted for this regime and are actively taking part in designing and enforcing Obamacare, socialist policies, voter fraud and more.

Our country is at a desperate place.  Please fight relentlessly.

* * * *


If Congress plans to vote on nationalizing retirement accounts, and you want to liquidate your IRA prior to the government stealing it, here’s my advice.   Call your financial institution, find out EXACTLY how quickly the liquidation process takes place AND fill out the forms in advance.  Be ready to have those forms processed THE MOMENT that Congress votes to nationalize our retirement accounts, but BEFORE the President signs the new legislation.

There are nuances to this process.  Plan ahead!  It is possible that IRAs in annuities take MUCH longer to liquidate than those at banks and brokerage firms.  It is also common at brokerage firms that it can take mere days to liquidate any partial amount from your account, but quite a bit longer if you’re liquidating the ENTIRE account.  So think about liquidating 99% of it, if you want the money quickly.

I am not panicking, my account is 100% invested, and I won’t resort to these actions unless Congress votes accordingly.  I will simply be prepared.

Thank you.

Crista Huff

Goodfellow LLC

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