Questions from Investors, Oct. 17, 2011


Greg asks:  I notice that you don’t often respond to questions on your public articles, like the ones at Townhall, but you always respond when I send you a question on your website.

Answer:  The public responses to my articles often make me cringe.  There are two problems: reading comprehension and civility.  Oftentimes, it’s obvious to me that the commenter didn’t read the text closely, jumped to conclusions, then went off on a tangent or attacked me based on something they didn’t read correctly. I’m not going to go out in public and point out a person’s errors.  That makes me look like a mommy correcting an eight-year-old.  Ugh!

The other comments I won’t respond to are the ones with insults and curse words.  If a person can’t speak to me with at least as much civility as they would use with a stranger at Starbucks, then I’m not going to spend any time with them.

Civilized questions and well-informed questions and even simple, financially-naive questions are always welcome!



Kent asks:  Have you ever written about Apple stock?

Answer:  Yes, I wrote about Apple on Sept. 19, Aug. 24 and July 20, 2011 on this website.

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