Questions from Investors — “I’m Paralyzed”

Q:  I’ve always invested in stocks.  But right now, I’m not in the market, and I feel unable to make investment decisions.

A:  I make effective decisions by ignoring political and economic news.

Remember when President Obama got re-elected, and we had the largest outflow of money from mutual funds in history?  It seemed like a logical decision, that people would flee the stock market while free markets are under attack and socialism was being rapidly introduced into the United States of America.

But remember, we are still a Republic, and we still have free markets, compromised as they may be.  Making investment decisions based on politics proved to be wrong.

In my investment experience, two economic times when people sell stocks are during recessions, and when we go to war.  But if you look at the price charts, those are two major economic times when stocks very consistently rise.  Making “logical” investment decisions based on the economy also serves as a failed investment strategy.

So how should you make your investment decisions?  Perhaps do what I do: look at the company’s numbers and its stock chart.  If the numbers look good and the charts look good, those are the stocks which I consider buying.  If the stock is a poor investment and unlikely to go up in the near future — or if the stock market is overvalued — the charts and numbers will tell me.  I won’t need a crystal ball, and I won’t need to review Congressional news and employment reports.

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