Questions About Stocks?

Send questions about stocks to  I’ll send you a message after I post the answer.

Please don’t tell me about your tax situation, your holding period, your profit/loss, etc.  I cannot tell you what YOU should do with the stock.  I can only tell you what I WOULD DO with the stock.  Nevertheless, the decision will be derived with the same successful investment criteria which has led ALL Goodfellow LLC stock portfolios to beat the market averages.

Happy Investing!

Crista Huff

Goodfellow LLC

2 Responses to “Questions About Stocks?”

  1. jtrudo says:

    Crista, do you have a general formula for setting your stop loss order value? It seems I’m either too high (the stock sells at the bottom of ‘normal’ fluctuation) or too low (where in hindsight I wish I had sold earlier).

    • Crista Huff says:

      I make the determination based upon the chart. I try to go about $0.50 below the trading range, if there’s a really solid trading range.

      Alternately, if the stock is simply climbing aggressively, I will put the stop-loss near the current price, and continue to raise it 1-2 times per week, until the stock eventually has a pullback, and my shares sell.

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