Goodfellow LLC Growth Stock Portfolio for 2013

Goodfellow LLC Growth Stock Portfolio for 2013

Dear Investors,

Herein please find a portfolio of growth stocks for 2013 from which you can fine tune your investment portfolios.  These are all large, growing, profitable companies.

The industries included on this list are electronic payments, equipment rental, food & beverage, financial commerce, infrastructure & network services, internet service, media & entertainment, and pharmaceuticals.

Please review How to Structure a Stock Portfolio before proceeding with purchasing more stocks.

Best wishes for a profitable 2013!

Crista Huff


Goodfellow LLC

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Akamai Technologies (AKAM, $40.91) is a leading internet service provider.  The stock has been one for traders, travelling between $10 and the mid-$50’s several times in the last decade.  It’s been on an uptrend, and just broke past resistance at $40.  Watch for the stock to re-establish a trading pattern in the $38 – $54 range.  Read more here.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN, $93.74) is a biopharmaceutical company which researches and manufactures treatments of severe and rare health disorders.  Its primary medical product, Soliris, is the only approved treatment for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), a blood disorder; and atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), a genetic disease.  If I wanted to own ALXN, I’d either buy it outright, or put in a buy order no lower than $92.  A trader should jump out around $113 to secure profit, then consider jumping in again on a subsequent bounce at $102.  Read more here.

Allergan, Inc. (AGN, $91.73) is a large-cap growth company in the global pharmaceutical industry.  The company develops and markets many products, including those for cosmetic treatment for symptoms of aging, breast implants, and eyelash thickening; and therapeutic treatment concentrating in neurologic, ophthalmic, obesity, and urological medical issues.  There’s currently price support at $88, then again at $84, in a trading range of about $90-$95.  Read more here.

Aon PLC Corp. (AON, $55.61), is a U.K. company operating in the areas of risk management, insurance, reinsurance, and human resources.  During its upward climb, AON stock spent over three years (2007-2011) in a trading range from $36 to $50.  After an early August 2012 breakout, the stock is now trading $55 to $58.  Read more here.

eBay Inc. (EBAY, $51.00) earns revenue from its Marketplaces, Payments, and GSI Commerce divisions.  The Marketplaces division refers to eBay’s worldwide online trading platform.  The Payments division is comprised of eBay’s PayPal business.  The stock price peaked at $60 per share at the end of 2004.  The stock is currently on an uptrend, trading $50-$53.  Read more here.

MasterCard Incorporated (MA, $491.28) is a global electronic payments company.  Revenue growth is aided by expansion into international markets and a consumer trend toward using credit & debit cards in place of the more traditional cash & check usage.  MA recently traded between approximately $445 -$480, then broke out after Thanksgiving to a new range of $475-$499.  Watch for a buying opportunity around $480.  Read more here.

News Corporation (NWSA, $25.51) is an Australia-based media and entertainment conglomerate, in the businesses of cable networks, filmed entertainment, television, and book & newspaper publishing.  Its assets are large and famous, including Fox film & t.v., The Wall Street Journal, BSkyB, Sky Italia, ESPN Star Sports and many more.  Watch for the stock to trade in the mid $20’s as it works towards breaking through long-term resistance at $26.  Read more here.

Quanta Services Inc. (PWR, $27.29) provides infrastructure and network services to the electric power, natural gas, telecom and cable TV industries.  Quanta stock is an appropriate investment for large-cap growth investors, value investors and traders.  The stock is on an uptrend, trading $26-$28.  Traders should reevaluate for possible sale as the price approaches resistance at $35.  Read more here.

Starbucks Corporation (SBUX, $53.63) is a global roaster and retailer of specialty coffee.  Its brands include Starbucks, Tazo Tea and Seattle’s Best Coffee.  Significant store expansion is taking place in the United Kingdom, India, China and Latin America.  The stock had two price corrections this summer and fall, rebounded each time, and appears to be repeating its May/June ’12 trading range of $51-$56.  Read more here.

United Rentals Inc. (URI, $45.52) began equipment rental operations in 1997, establishing its base through acquisitions.  The extensive customer base includes construction, industrial, utilities, municipalities, commercial, and homeowners.  The stock reached a high of $47.98 in April 2012.  Watch for it to trade $42-$45 before retracing the April highs.  Read more here.

The Walt Disney Company (DIS, $49.79) is a worldwide entertainment company which owns and produces theme parks, media networks (ESPN, ABC, Disney Channel, ABC Family), filmed entertainment (Touchstone and Miramax brands, and the Harry Potter series), merchandise licensing (including Marvel Entertainment), and a growing cruise line business.  DIS stock reached a high around $53 in the early fall, and is currently trading $48.50-$51.  Read more here.

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