Ask Me to Write About Your Favorite Stock

I will be glad to write about a stock for you.  Here are the rules:

  1. Send me the name of the stock and the symbol.

  2. DO NOT tell me whether your own it, or whether you are considering buying/selling it.

  3. I will write about the stock and post it on my home page.  I will discuss whether I think the stock is a good or bad investment, and what I think the stock price will do next, based on fundamental and technical analysis.

  4. U.S. stock markets only; minimum share price $15.

Caveat:  If you ask me to write about a stock which I’ve been covering on my website for paid subscribers, I will ask you to kindly subscribe to read more about the company.

Feel free to send additional questions or comments to

Happy investing!

Crista Huff


Goodfellow LLC

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