Featured Stocks in Action — week of July 8, 2013 (July 13 update)

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2 Responses to “Featured Stocks in Action — week of July 8, 2013 (July 13 update)”

  1. c2cjim says:

    I’ve followed your short term stocks. I have AAPL from when you suggested it.I had CELG and sold it after it went up. I have been trying to have success with gettng 5 to 10% gains in 3 to 6 week periods. I enjoyed seeing this new feature since it addresses what I’ve been trying to do. Have you anything more like these? I looked at IBM and MSI and they are at a low now.


    • Crista Huff says:


      Not yet on IBM; MSI might only rise to $62 short-term. Google, yes, absolutely; Macy’s yes. I wrote about Google/Priceline on Friday, and didn’t add it to “short-term trading ideas” yet because I’ve been travelling. I am as sure as any stock pick I’ve ever made that you can make 5-10% in 3-6 weeks in Google. Barring an unexpected stock market correction, I think it’ll go to $1000 without pausing to consolidate along the way.

      I’ll add more trading ideas tonight/Monday. Hope you are well!

      Crista Huff

      p.s. The two investment decisions which contributed the most to my success were when I let go of the fear of buying “expensive” stocks, and the fear of buying stocks which are reaching new highs. I never pay any attention to the stock price anymore, except in relation to PE and charts; and I seek out stocks reaching new highs because those are the ones that continue to go up. (Of course, I still have all my other balance sheet requirements.)

      I own 18 stocks right now, and eight of them are trading between $85 and $923 (GOOG) per share.

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