Goodfellow LLC Stock Portfolio Update — February 24, 2017

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For five straight years through 2016,

the Goodfellow LLC model equity portfolios outperformed

the S&P 500 and/or the Dow Jones Industrial Average!


Goodfellow LLC Portfolio                                 Gain/

& Market Index Performance                          (Loss)

2017 Growth Portfolio                                     +7.11%

S&P 500 index                                                   +5.74%


2017 Growth & Income Portfolio                      +5.72%

Dow Jones index                                                +5.36%

Portfolio inception dates:  Growth & Income and Growth Portfolios, 01/01/17.

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Goodfellow LLC Growth Stock Portfolio for 2017 Results — February 24, 2017

Nine stocks are up in value and one stock is down in value.  The total portfolio* is up +7.11%.

  • Facebook (FB) is up the most at +17.7%.

  • Allergan (AGN) is up +16.8%.

  • Molina Healthcare (MOH) is down -10.0%.

*Results assume equal dollar amounts purchased in each stock, rounded off to full shares, using the closing share prices on Dec. 30, 2016. Results include accumulated dividends through February 28, 2017.

The S&P 500 is up +5.74% from 2238.83 to 2,367.34, from Dec. 30, 2016 through February 24, 2017.


Goodfellow LLC Growth & Income Stock Portfolio for 2017 Results — February 24, 2017

Five stocks are up in value and five stocks are down in value. The total portfolio* is up +5.72%.

  • Legg Mason (LM) is up the most at +24.2%.

  • Broadcom (AVGO) is up +19.0%.

  • BP plc (BP) is down the most at -10.4%.

*Results assume equal dollar amounts purchased in each stock, rounded off to full shares, using the closing share prices on Dec. 30, 2016. Results include accumulated dividends through February 28, 2017.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up +5.36% from 19,762.60 to 20,821.76, from Dec. 30, 2016 through February 24, 2017.


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I publish annual stock portfolios which are designed to outperform the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market indices. I use a combination of strict fundamental and technical criteria to choose the stocks that go into the Goodfellow LLC portfolios. Each facet of my investment criteria serves to lower the risk associated with stock investing. My investment strategy works — year in and year out.

What’s more, these are untraded portfolios, proving that you don’t have to be very active in the stock market in order to grow your capital!


Ten of the fifteen 2012-2016 Goodfellow LLC model portfolios

outperformed the market averages by margins of 50-100% and more!


I occasionally run into a person who sneers at my performance results with the phrase, “Yeah, but are they audited??” Folks, I have no need to audit these results. I’m not selling anything. What’s more, it’s very basic math. Anybody can key this list of stocks into a watchlist on their favorite brokerage account’s website, and track the results for themselves. There’s no reason for me to go to the expense of paying an accountant to prove what I have already proven repeatedly for over five years: I can consistently create stock portfolios that outperform the U.S. stock markets, and I can do it weekly, if necessary.

Asset managers (hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, RIAs, family offices, et. al.) who want to benefit from my equity strategy may send inquiries to

Happy investing!


Crista Huff


Goodfellow LLC


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